Light Pool: Japan gets a new designer cell phone

Japan’s second biggest cell phone carrier KDDI (over 30 million subscribers) rolls out quite unique handsets from time to time, mostly under their iida sub-brand. The company today in Japan introduced [JP] another “lifestyle” cell phone, the so-called Light Pool. Technically, the device isn’t anything special – but it’s rather pretty.

The Light Pool is called this way as it’s equipped with a total of 22 LEDs that start lighting up in up to 100 patterns, for example when you get a call or an email arrives. Spec-wise, buyers can expect a 3.2-inch VGA TFT display, an 8MP CMOS camera with auto-focus, Bluetooth, a microSD/SDHC slot, and GPS.

The Light Pool actually isn’t a concept (as so many of the iida products) but will be offered to KDDI customers starting at the end of this month. It will be available in pink, black, and white with an open price model.

Via Keitai Watch [JP]