HP's got a flexible display of its own

The flexible display is a kind of “keeping up with the Joneses” thing in technology right now. Everybody’s racing to create a display that’s durable, bendable, and responsive enough to use — even though there’s no real demand for it. I mean, there will be demand as soon as they make a sweet device that uses a flexible display properly (come on folding phone!), but in the meantime I feel like it’s just an arms race. Our screen is the flexiest! Oh yeah, well we printed ours on Mylar!

In HP’s case, the display (shown by Phil McKinney at MobileBeat today) is still way out on the horizon. Even the prototypes of things we see at CES all the time are way further along in development than this stuff. It’s not durable, for one thing — and there’s no manufacturing process, for another. But it works, and it’s full color, which is pretty great. Except that’s pretty much what the other guys have, too.

Ah well. I guess we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves by watching these jokers compare R&D budgets. I’ll be sure to let you guys know when something really sweet comes along.

[via SlashGear]