Amazon Hooks College Students With A Free Year Of Amazon Prime

Amazon’s looking to hook ’em while they’re young. The online retailer has launched a program for college students — appropriately called Amazon Students — that offers a free one-year subscription to its premium Amazon Prime service, which normally runs $79 a year. The program also promises exclusive deals and promotions. To join, you’ll need to have an .edu email address and be enrolled in at least one college course (this is US only).

This is a smart move from Amazon. I’ve been a Prime subscriber for a year, and it’s uncanny how addictive “free” two-day shipping can become — you can bet a good number of the students signing up for the program are going to have a hard time going back to the 3-5 day standard shipping in a year. And even if they don’t upgrade to Prime in a year, students will probably feel some affinity to Amazon over its competitors.

Note that even if you’re not a college student, Amazon offers a one month trial membership.

Via Slickdeals