Update: 1000Memories Co-Founders On TechCrunch NOW

This morning, we covered the debut of 1000Memories, a Y Combinator backed startup that helps family and friends memorialize loved ones online. The company was started by three friends, Brett Huneycutt and Jonathan Good, formerly of Mckinsey, and Rudy Adler, a former employee of ad agency Wieden + Kennedy.

Adler and Huneycutt dropped by our studios for our latest episode of TechCrunch NOW, to discuss the challenges of their business model and the theory behind the site’s design. See video above.

The founders cobbled together the first draft of the site in roughly one month, with a few goals in mind: create a sleek design that does not distract from the person’s story and offer the product for free. The founders say 1000Memories will always be free and sans advertising, but they plan to roll out optional products for purchase soon, like framed photographs and memory books.

Huneycutt also responded to commenters from Arrington’s post, who wondered what would happen to the content if the business went belly-up: “I think if someone takes the time to create a memorial site for their loved one, they want to make sure that their photos and their memories are there forever, so along those lines we are making a personal pledge never to erase anyone’s data or content… if things do go wrong, we will never erase it and we’ll make sure to get people their data back.”