Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert Unveils The New-Look TechCrunch!

When Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert heard that we were working on a redesign of TechCrunch, he decided to give it a go with his own sense of style. After inviting several other world-class designers to our headquarters in SF we decided to go with his vision. Voila! Say hello to the new-look TechCrunch.

Truth be told, we felt a bit bad for Gilbert. He’s had a rough 24 hours. Yesterday, at a nationally televised press conference, he found out his star player, LeBron James, was booking it to Miami to play with D-Wade and Chris Bosh — a move that left Gilbert clearly pissed off. But we’re here to offer him a consolation prize. We now have a version of TechCrunch in his favorite font, Comic Sans!

Yes, okay, Techmeme did it first, but we wanted to show our support as well.

It seems that the web can’t get enough of Comic Sans. Or at least, get enough of taking shots at the hideous font. Over 12 hours after we first wrote about it, the font is still a top trending topic on Twitter. And yes, still ahead of even “LeBron James.” Meanwhile, our post has gotten some massive mainstream media love with CNN, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and others all weighing in on the hot topic. In fact, the CNN story on the faux pas was even the most popular story on the entire site earlier today. Joked Twitter user Audrey Watter earlier, “perhaps if BP had issued press statements in Comic Sans, we’d still be talking about the oil spill, eh?

So this is our thank you to you, Dan Gilbert. Thank you for writing your rant in a font that cannot be ignored. And we’re sorry about the LeBron thing.

P.S. Every page on TechCrunch will now work in Comic Sans if you simply append “?lebronified” to the end of the URL. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, try “?LEBRONIFIED”.