Macy's to have Xbox 360 Kinect demos next week, hardcore what?

Microsoft has said over and over and over again that the Kinect is a serious gaming tool, designed for everyone from casual to hardcore gamers. But apparently the marketing team didn’t get the memo because starting next week, the system’s very first public demo will be at 13 Macy’s stores nationwide. The system’s cred will official be thrown-out if there’s commercials showing Martha Stewart and Kenneth Cole flailing their arms around, hitting imaginary dodge balls.

It’s an unexpected but not really strange move on Microsoft’s part. Best Buy and Gamestop shoppers already know all about Kinect. They’ve known what it does and how it works since its 2009 E3 teaser. The average Macy’s shopper doesn’t, though. Marketing is all about opening up new demographics to your product or service and that’s exactly what this campaign is attempting.

The demos will run at 13 unannounced stores starting July 15th. [via ChipChick]