How to install Android on most Windows Mobile phones

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There’s an active community of devs steadily porting Android over to different families of Windows Mobile devices. There’s a port for nearly every series now. However, installation isn’t that easy and you might not want to do it on your work-issued HTC Touch HD. But if you happen to have an unused handset chilling in a drawer someplace that you’re not worried about bricking, continue on for a list of the compatible devices.

  • HTC Nike
  • HTC Polaris
  • HTC Kaiser
  • HTC Titan
  • Touch Pro
  • Touch Diamond
  • Touch HD
  • Touch Pro2
  • Touch Diamond2
  • Samsung i900
  • Samsung i(10
  • Samsung i780
  • Samsung i907
  • HTC Artemis
  • HTC Elf, Elfin
  • HTC Excalibur, Dash
  • HTC Gene, P3400
  • HTC Herald, Wing
  • HTC Opal, Touch Viva
  • HTC Pharos
  • HTC Prophet
  • HTC Startrek
  • HTC Wizard
  • Asus P320, Galaxi Mini
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