Japan gets TransferJet-compatible USB cradle for wireless data transfer

TransferJet is a close-proximity wireless transfer technology that Sony introduced back in 2008. The idea is to let two electronic devices, for example a camera and a computer, quickly exchange data just by bringing them close together (touch is possible, too). The problem, until today, was that both devices must obviously be TransferJet-compatible (more info).

But soon we’ll have I-O Data’s USB2-TJC [JP], a TransferJet-compatible USB cradle, which will solve that problem. Just plug the dongle into your Windows PC or your Mac and you can enjoy transfer speeds of up to 560 Mbps (theoretically) – provided you have both a TransferJet-compatible Memory Stick (MS-JX8G, $110) or Cyber-shot at hand. By way of comparison: The data transfer rate for Bluetooth Version 2.0 + EDR stands at just 3 Mbps.

The Japanese version of Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-T99, for example, will feature TransferJet and was just announced today.

The USB2-TJC will hit Japanese stores at the end of this month (price: $170). If you live outside this country, you can try and ask Geek Stuff 4 U if they can get one for you.