Verizon's HTC Droid Incredible suffers another supply shortage, new ship date is August 5th

There’s no question that the Droid Incredible is one of Verizon’s best handsets right now, but supply issues are preventing customers from getting one. The latest delay pushes the ship date back to August 5th. That’s, well, incredible.

At first the word was HTC was having issues getting a hold of AMOLED screens, pushing shipments back to the middle of July. That could still be true, but if you’re down, there could be a bit of conspiracy going on here. Tin foil hat time.

Quick question: What phone launches next week? The Droid X.

It could be entirely possible that Verizon themselves told HTC to take their time and wait until they can ship the phones with AMOLED screens like the original shipments for the side benefit of giving the Droid X a bit of breathing room for its launch.

Either way it’s more bad news bears for those waiting for the Incredible. With HTC Sense, 1GHz processor, and HTC’s ever-so-sexy design, people wanna buy it. Too bad they can’t.