Motorola Charm pic and specs bubble to the surface

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Motorola Charm
News on the latest Android device from the kings of capslock, the Motorola Charm, has started floating around the internet.

Clocking in at a pretty-hot-a-year-ago 600MHz, with a better-than-my-current-Android-phone 512MB of RAM and ROM, the Charm’s specs confirm that it will form part of T-Mobile’s lower-end handset line-up.

I gotta say, it’s pretty great that lower-end phones have specs like this. Only a year ago, specs like these were tip-top-of-the-line. *Gazes at his HTC Hero. Sighs*

It runs Android 2.1 with the newer version of MOTOBLUR that has the resizeable widgets. Oh, and that’s a 2.8″ QVGA screen you can see there.

No news on dates or prices, but the source said the pricing will be “attractive”. We’ll let you know more as information surfaces.

[via TMo News]

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