Android Fanboys Grab The Barf Bags, Cupidtino Is Getting Some Action

Two months ago, we unveiled Cupidtino to the world. Yes, a dating site for Apple fans. At the time, it seemed like a bit of a joke, but the creators were taking it seriously. Apparently, now so are the users.

The niche site has already attracted over 22,000 members since it launched last month, we’re told. Yes, 22,000 Apple fanboys/fangirls gathering in one spot to fall in love. Android fanboys everywhere must be puking their guts out.

And that’s not all, Cupidtino is actually bringing in some money. While they’re still playing around with the pricing plan, currently, they’re charging $4.79 a month if users want to exchange messages (signing up is free). As they note on the site, “Our membership costs the same as a venti Mocha but lasts longer than 20 oz.” Even that slogan will likely make people cringe — but thanks to that pricing scheme, they’ve already hit five-digit revenues. Sure, that’s nothing huge, but not bad for three weeks either.

They’ve also provided us with a breakdown of their usage by country:

  • US 62%
  • DE 8%
  • CA 6%
  • RU 5%
  • GB 5%
  • ES 4%
  • FR 3%
  • BR 3%
  • AU 3%
  • IT 2%

Clearly, the U.S. is dominating, but Germany, Canada, Russia, and Great Britain are all pretty strong as well.

So what’s next for Cupidtino? They’re starting the process to raise funds so they can hire up and scale to reach all the Mac lovers out there.

How long until we see an Android dating site? Androidgyny, perhaps?