The Gravity Phone concept blasts the future into your enormous pocket

Gravity Phone
Would ya look at this thing!? It’s all like “Zap! Pow! I gots more angles than you! Ha!” as it speeds away on its Light Cycle after kicking bits all over you and your binary beach towel.

Yes, this concept comes from the virtual pages of Yanko Design, and promises not only more corners than current phones, but also more pixels. And you and I both love pixels.

One of the interesting features of this concept phone by Lukas Doenz, Joachim Kornauth, Toni Weichselbraun, and Max Salesse, is that the hardware is designed to be modular. Want a 12MP camera? Blammo! Take out the old 8MP one and drop the upgrade in!

I guess this is meant to allow you to tweak the phone so it’s “just right” for your needs… but I really don’t see the point in upgrading phones like car parts. Call me old fashioned.

The images show what appears to be two distinct flavours for the phone: a pocketable 720p phone, and a no-longer-phone-sized (and less cool-looking) 1080p version.

Like what you see? Want to pretend that one day you’ll own something like this? Then head on over to Yanko Design for a couple more pics.