Next Of Kin: A Memorial Site Goes Up For The Deceased Microsoft Kin

Perhaps you heard, Microsoft has killed the Kin, its mobile device that was all of six weeks old. Some people were upset by this. Now they have a place to let our their grief, and pay their respects:

As the site notes, the Kin lived from 2010 to 2010 — it died at the ripe old age of 0. “She” was botn on May 13, 2010 and died on June 30, 2010. “We will remember her forever,” the site notes. Visitors are asked to light a candle in remembrance of the device, and already dozens have. You can also add your favorite photos of the Kin to the page.

Some choice statements left on the page:

  • “Damn Kin, you were so fast we can never touch you. RIP.”
  • “Sadly, you saw the Blue Screen of Death up close and personal. R.I.P K.I.N”
  • “i held you for a few minutes only to leave you for the droid x im sorry :-(“
  • “Most of all, I’ll miss those stellar commercials. RIP Kin.”
  • “How appropriate that there will be no RECEPTION”
  • “Kin, you’re the Betamax of phones but the iPhone of my heart.”

The memorial site, created by Shmuel Tennenhaus, has nearly 7,000 visitors so far paying their respects. It’s not clear if it will end up being as big of a memorial as the IE Funeral yet. Of course that product had millions more users, and is actually still not even dead yet.

This site was built using ForeverMissed, a online tool that lets users create memorial pages for departed loved ones for free. Obviously, this Kin page is a joke, but the site behind it seems like a nice idea, so hopefully this will drive more usage of that.

RIP Kin.