How popular is iOS 4 and where?

JiWire has been watching their 30K hotspots throughout the U.S. to see how popular iOS 4 is. The results are interesting, if not entirely predictable. As you can see from the slide above, iOS 4 accounted for just over 22% of all iOS WiFi traffic on JiWire hotspots. That’s a pretty respectable number for a brand new operating system’s first week of existence. I think it’s also a testament to Apple’s development team that new versions of their mobile OS enjoy such quick adoption rates.

In what locations are people using iOS 4 the most? Interestingly, more than half of the time they’re being used in hotels. I admit I’m surprised by this number. The iPhone has 3G access, making a WiFi connection unnecessary in many situations; so I certainly hope the JiWire hotspots are free to use. Otherwise the early adopters are paying for WiFi access for their phones when they stay in hotels. That in itself is an interesting data point.

And finally, which cities in the U.S. are seeing the fastest iOS 4 adoption? Of course California is fastest, but I’m surprised that Dallas and Miami both beat New York for jumping on the iOS 4 bandwagon.

Did you install iOS 4 as soon as you could? If so, why? Or, if you waited to install it, why?