Google Adds Real-Time Stats To Blogger – To Google Analytics Next?

Blogger, Google’s blog publishing platform, has just been given a useful new feature many a Blogger user will appreciate: near real-time statistics (via Louis Gray).

Dubbed Blogger Stats, the feature is available for all non-private Blogger blogs. The only catch is you’ll only see the new ‘Stats’ tab when you go to

On the new Stats page, you’ll see a tab that says ‘Now’, which gives Blogger users an almost real-time overview of which articles are most popular right now, and where those visitors are coming from (both in terms of source and geographical location).

The elephant in the room is of course that Google offers free, robust Web analytics software with Google Analytics that doesn’t boast real-time statistics as it only updates them every few hours. Perhaps this is a first sign of imminent changes on that front?

We love real-time stats around here (we use Chartbeat, but there’s also Clicky, Woopra and many more – and of course Twitter just acquired Web analytics startup Smallthought), so we’re wondering out loud why Google Analytics doesn’t have this feature.

Obviously, there’s no technical limitation, and from what I can gather from issues raised in forums and the Google Analytics Help Center, the company believes most users are simply not interested in seeing real-time stats rather than a good overview of 24-hour traffic and longer periods of time.

Which begs the question: if that’s really the case, why add real-time stats to Blogger?