Best Buy turns off the music at the Droid X pre-order party

If you’re sitting on the bus reading this article on your 2-year-old beat up LG Voyager, while making your way to Best Buy to pre-order that hot new Droid X, then I hope you’ve got a seat, because you’ll want to be sitting down for this: Best Buy have ceased taking pre-orders for it.

Yes, that’s right, just 5 days after Best Buy started taking pre-orders for the device, they’ve had to halt them after stock allocation ran dry.

Is this a sign that the Droid X will be a runaway success? Or that stock shortages aren’t just limited to the Droid Incredible? Who knows? But either way, kiddo, you better get off the bus at the next stop and make your way back home. Today’s not your day.

[via Phone Arena]