Tradeshift announces a raft of new partners, API opening up soon

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Tradeshift, which has been described as the “Skype for invoicing”, has announced a raft of new partners in the SaaS accounting space, along with plans to open up its API to enable more third-parties to tie into its free invoicing system.

The launch partners who have had access to a beta version of Tradeshift’s API include: ERPLY (free ERP system), E-conomics (a SaaS accounting solution provider), Workbook (a specialized platform for the media business), Office123 (an open-source ERP system), Continia (bank payments systems), Winfinans (Windows-based desktop accounting), and Ibistic (the leading e-invoicing workflow system in Scandinavia).

This, says the company, in which early Skype investor Morten Lund is an adviser, puts it on track to bring “directly integrated electronic invoicing” to more than 100,000 small European businesses over the next 6 months.

Tradeshift, which competes with, is working on what it positions as the world’s first free invoicing platform – essentially dragging invoicing and business transactions into the 21st century via open standards and the cloud – news which we broke on its launch in February. However, the roll out of its API brings into focus more ambitious plans to become “the cloud platform linking what so far have been isolated islands of business software”, says co-founder and CEO Christian Lanng.

The Tradeshift API will launch publicly on the 1st of August 2010 to enable anyone who wants to build connected business software on top of the company’s platform making it possible for developers to create applications that utilize the Tradeshift Business Network Infrastructure in order for users to exchange business documents over the network.

  • Alexander Straub

    What about OB10? How does it compare?

  • Max Niederhofer

    In the realm of “X of Y”, “Skype for invoicing” has got to be one of the stupidest ones I’ve ever heard. An analogy should make what they do easier to understand, not harder.

    Did their marketing person cook this up? I mean, congrats on ML as an investor, but not everything he touches suddenly turns into a P2P client. At least I hope not.

    • Paul


      Please become the official commentator on TC.EU postings — your healthy dose of skepticism is like a breath of fresh air amongst the regurgitated press releases.


      • Steve O'Hear

        There wasn’t a press release in sight on this one

      • George Clooney

        So Steve you made up the Skype reference yourself?

    • Manoj Ranaweera

      Max, cannot agree more. Skype for invoicing does not make any sense whatsoever. I am still convinced that the only people who could activate mass supplier adoptation is none other than google.

      • Max Niederhofer

        I quite like the business. Think they have a shot at something significant. All I was commenting on was their “we’re the X of Y”. Not Steve’s reporting. Not the viability of the co. Just to clarify…

      • Steve O'Hear


      • Ian Sweeney


        While I agree that Google could drive mass adoption of e-invoicing, I don’t agree that they are the only ones that could do it.

        In my opinion, no one prior to billFLO or Tradeshift has focused on the main reason for failure – making e-invoicing work for small businesses (any operation from a 1-person operation upwards).

        To illustrate my point, a small business using Kashoo’s online accounting ( can send a billFLO electronic invoice directly from within Kashoo. This is a default feature in Kashoo requiring no setup by the user or knowledge of EDI formats.

        That type of integration is the key difference between what we’re doing and what has been done in the past.

        Ian Sweeney

  • John Wood

    Hi Alexander, the thing I like with Tradeshift is the possibility to have a network with my business partners, this OB10 can not offer. Not that all my partners can see each other as part of my network. But I have them in my list, and they maintain their contact details, I just hope my other partners will also soon join me on Tradeshift. It makes it easier for me, that all my communication about an invoice is gathered at one place.

  • Matt McAllister

    We use for our invoicing and its awesome… from what I’ve heard they are going to launching a new skin and adding features within the next couple weeks

    • Pete Tallish

      A new skin?

  • Ian Sweeney

    Congrats to the Tradeshift team. Its nice to see our peers pushing just as hard on e-invoicing in Europe as we are in the US.

    We launched our billFLO API last year for the very same reason as Tradeshift: to make computer-readable, electronic invoices available to ALL small businesses for free.

    Best of luck to the Tradeshift Team on the launch of their API!

    Kind regards,
    Ian Sweeney

    • Christian Lanng (CEO Tradeshift)


      Keep rocking it over there ;) The dinosaurs can’t last long – open api’s, open standards and free transactions are the way of the future.



      • Ian Sweeney


  • Time Tracking

    Let’s see the API, the idea is interesting.. we might integrate Paymo invoices with them.

    • Christian Lanng (CEO Tradeshift)

      Hey TT

      Just shoot us an email at dev(at)tradeshift(dot)com and we will hook you up with closed beta access to the APIs.


  • Robert

    I have started using it now, and I am looking forward to getting the new features, they have announced on Twitter.
    Will try to invite my network later, when I tested the solution fully.

  • Chris Baker

    I need US states!

    • Christian Lanng (CEO Tradeshift)

      Hey Chris,

      Sorry due to a small glitch, they escaped our latest deploy, but we have rounded them up and they should be in our next release (very very soon).

      So far you can still sign-up, and you will be able to choose a state on your profile in the very near future.


  • Kim Forsman (CEO Maventa)

    I wouldn’t state that Tradeshift is competing with us. We are an infrastructure provider, whereas Tradeshift is a platform as a service provider. I still encourage warmly that Christian and his team connect their emerging network with Maventa, so that the customers residing on different networks can interact with users on Tradeshift. Otherwise Tradeshift is yet another isolated island among the 500 other providers in Europe. Maventa’s network already comprises of 337,000 companies and switches over half a billion Euros per quarter, growing 36% month-on-month. Anyways, I wish the Tradeshift team best of luck!

  • Janko M.

    I read several blogposts about TradeShift and I still don’t get it.

    Is TradeShift competing with hordes of invoicing services (like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, InvoiceFox, BlinkSale) or is it a “open” platform that they can integrate with to dispatch the invoices?

    This blogpost makes it sound it’s a platform, but on their main front page screen shot I see the “Create Invoice” form and button with: “Invoicing for companies without the accounting system”

    So which one is it?

    • Peter Weert

      Hi Janko,

      I use Tradeshift for my invoicing, as an alternative to having to use very expensive EDI networks, with my business partners (I sell primarily to large auto companies)

      But it’s really much more than invoicing – they are not really competing with QuickBooks or Blinksales as I see it, but are more a sort of (social/business) network for lack of better word, I “connect” with my suppliers for instance.

      The (great) news here, is that 3rd parties are now starting to use the API’s to bring Tradeshift features to Accounting packages just like Quickbooks – making them, social, network enabled etc. (you can comment on any document, just to mention one).

      So it’s really something new, they still have a long way to go IMHO, but I like the concept.


  • Janko M.

    Thanks for additional info Peter. When I first saw video of it I got the “facebook for invoices” association. I guess I was not that off :)

    The interface is slick and I agree they are shifting “it”, bringing many fresh concepts into biz side of things. This duality is still unclear to me though, we will see.

  • Petr Didenko

    Are there any guys from TradeShift? Could you plz contact me directly. Thanks!

    • Christian Lanng (CEO Tradeshift)

      Petr, you can reach me at chl (at) tradeshift (dot) com

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