iPhone 4 Issues? One Entrepreneur Quickly Makes A Wrap For That

Since the launch of the original iPhone, there’s been a nice market for screen protectors. Well, at least until Apple started banning them from stores. But what about protectors that go around the edge of your phone? Well, thanks to the iPhone 4, there may be a market for that as well.

The iPhone 4 hasn’t even been out a week and already awrapforthat.com has popped up to make vinyl skins that wrap around the perimeter of the device. Why would anyone want that? Because of the iPhone 4 antenna issues — the so-called “Death Grip” problem.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has suggested you buy one of Apple’s new iPhone 4 bumpers to alleviate the problem. But those are $29.99. Why not just buy this iPhone 4 wrap for $9.99?

Also, these skins are also going to be much thinner than the bumper, and as such, undoubtedly less of an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful device. Plus, they’re apparently thin enough that the iPhone 4 can fit in the dock with them on. These skins are made with 3M vinyl and come with holes cut out for the various iPhone 4 perimeter openings. They also come in several different colors and patterns.

This site/company, the work of Daniel Newman, just popped up after the iPhone antenna issue starting coming up again and again over the past few days. But it’s not yet entirely clear what is causing the issue (which, at least in my experience, is very real) and if a thin layer of vinyl is really going to help solve it. As far as I can tell, not even the thicker bumper fully alleviates the issue. But does help it — so these vinyl coatings likely will as well.

Plus, clever name.