Work For Us Turns Facebook Fan Pages Into A Recruiting Tool

Facebook is great for keeping up with friends. And of course brands are using it as marketing tool by creating Fan pages. But it can also be used by companies as a recruiting tool. I’ve written before anecdotally about how Citysearch uses Facebook ads for recruiting by targeting the ads at the hiring manager’s friends. Well, now there is a full-fledged Facebook app for that called Work For Us

Work For Us creates a tab on a company’s Fan page which turns it into a mini-job board. You can see an example here for BuildASign or SPG Creative Marketing. People can apply for the job right inside Facebook, or Like a job and therefore spread it to their friends as a social referral. Recruiters can also create a Facebook ad for any job and target it accordingly.

The company behind Work For Us is Work4Labs, a startup funded by French angel investors Stephane Le Viet and Gautier Machelon. Already, 2,000 companies have added the Work For Us tab to their Facebook Fan page, including State Street and the French divisions of Accenture and Grant Thorton. The app is free for the first 30 days, then Work4Labs scharges, with plans starting at $9 a month (5 job postings) and going up to $500 a month (for unlimited job postings). More details at AppBistro.