New Verizon Commercial Is Foursquare Obsessed

Foursquare has gotten some pretty big publicity before — like in Vegas. But a new Verizon commercial appears to be completely predicated around the service. Well, provided you know what Foursquare is.

As you can see in the 30-second spot embedded below, a girl is walking around a city on her Verizon Droid phone. She pulls it out of her pocket, starts walking, and immediately begins using the device. So what’s she using on it? About 6 seconds in, you’ll see she’s checking-in to a venue on the Android version of Foursquare. She keeps using her phone as she’s walking, but we don’t see the screen until 11 seconds later. What’s she doing then? Again, she’s checking Foursquare.

Now, unlike the commercial that ran on Bravo earlier this year, Foursquare is never mentioned, nor do we even see the branding here. And the main point of the commercial is that Verizon’s towers are where ever you go. But still, this type of thing indicates that Foursquare is starting to enter the mainstream consciousness. She’s not checking Facebook. She’s not tweeting. She’s using Foursquare.

This is a great thing to show investors when you’re in the midst of raising a new round.