The PS3 ain't getting a price drop, and I'm okay with that

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I’m not sure who was expecting a price drop in the PS3 — Sony were the ones leading the console revamp charge with the sexy, sales-driving PS3 Slim. I give Sony a lot of flak here on CG, but $300 is simply a great price for the system; if all my money wasn’t already earmarked for coal and candles for my work environment, I might even buy one. But the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, felt like driving the point home in an IGN interview:

At the moment, we are trying to catch up our production. We have lots of great games coming out and innovations with Move and 3DTV, so we don’t believe this is the time for us to think about a price drop.

Hell yeah, I don’t blame you. The Slims (which they’re finally making money on) are flying off the shelves and Sony is about to start printing money with the move, if what we saw at E3 is any indication.

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