Leaked Windows 8 document describes Microsoft's catch-up efforts

A document purportedly leaked to a Microsoft enthusiast blog (yes, there’s truly a niche for everything on the Internet!) lists a number of features that are intended to be included in Windows 8. In addition to USB 3 and Bluetooth 3, there’s talk about faster boot sequences, ambient light sensing, and more. Pardon my yawn: Mac laptops have had superb power management and ambient light sensing for how long, now? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Windows 8 will include all manner of wonderful things, but leaking this kind of information isn’t likely to drum up a lot of excitement. I’m especially skeptical of the instant-on stuff, given how bloated Windows installations tend to become over time.

I’m actually looking forward to Windows 8. I’ve been positively happy with Windows 7 at work, and I have no qualms about recommending it to family and friends. Windows 7 is a substantial upgrade from Windows XP and Vista. I only hope that Microsoft continues to actually innovate on the consumer desktop, rather than ape solutions pioneered by competitors years ago.

Via Neowin.