Bettween Makes Tracking And Sharing Twitter Conversations Even Easier

Twitter recently launched a tool called Blackbird Pie that enables anyone to easily embed single tweets on their blogs and websites. But it doesn’t offer a solution for tracking or sharing conversations between Twitter users.

Enter Bettween, which does just that, stylishly.

We’ve covered the first version of the web app, which made it easy to visualize what is being said between two specific Twitter users (e.g. @aplusk and @mrskutcher), but a recent update brings more goodies.

Aside from a fresh UI, you can now limit the visualized Twitter back-and-forth with a start and end point in time, making it easier for people to see and share messages that they care most about. Also new is the ability to sort tweets in ascending or descending order.

The biggest change, however, is the fact that you can now embed Twitter conversation on your own site, with the ability to customize the widget to match its look and feel.

It only takes a couple of clicks, but of course you need to find people who’ve actually conversed with each other on Twitter. Unlike these two: