FCC Endorses Skype, Tweets That People Should Use It

Skype continues to get lots of love from random sources. Last week Google was dropping Skype into translations about free calling, although they later said it was an error.

But there’s no question about this endorsement of Skype by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. They suggest people use VoIP providers like Skype when traveling to avoid heavy mobile fees: “Use VoIP, like @skype, to avoid excess international charges on your cell phone bill. For more http://bit.ly/bDXABN #FCCworldtravel”

In the linked blog post the FCC also spreads the love around a little, adding links to Fring and Truephone.

Appropriate? Nope. But why stop there? We think the FCC should give people handy tips on free news services to avoid those outrageous print media subscription fees as well. And heck, we’re even a U.S. company paying U.S. taxes. How about a Twitter message from the FCC that endorses TechCrunch?