New startup "Schiit" sells low-cost, high-end, made-in-USA headphone amps

There’s a bunch of possibilities to get attention when you’ve just founded a startup and try to get the word out about your first products. Coming up with a unique name is one way, and California-based audio tech maker Schiit has surely pulled that part off. Yes, it’s the company’s real name (tag line: “You are not going to believe this Schiit”), but Schiit’s producing what looks like low-cost, but high-quality (and quite stylish) audio devices.

Schiit’s first products are the Asgard (a headphone amplifier that’s priced at $249/pictured above) and the upcoming Valhalla (a tube amp that sells for $349/pictured below).

Both devices are manufactured in the US, designed by two industry veterans and come with a 5-year warranty – with some early reviews I found online indicating the company’s first device, Asgard, is actually a winner.

So yes, Schiit is for real, the founders just seem to have a quirky sense of humor (the website is pretty funny, too).