Electrolux will clean the oceans of plastic debris, then make vacuum cleaners

Did you know that, according to Electrolux, a Swedish appliance manufacturer, there are gigantic piles of plastic debris floating about our planet’s oceans? Some of these are as big as the state of Texas! Way to go, humans! So, Electrolux’s proposal? Collect all that trash, then turn it into vacuum cleaners. You couldn’t make that up if you tried.

The name of the project is Vac from the Sea, and it’s a noble goal, certainly. You don’t want all that trash floating about on the oceans, do you? Or maybe you do, I don’t know. Seems like something that should set off your Spidey-sense, though.

The vacuums created with the trash are then totally recyclable. That solves two problems: no more trash in the oceans and introducing more sustainable products into the human circle of life.

Look, it’s not an iPhone 4 story. Be grateful. If I had it my way I’d turn CrunchGear into ZonalMarking for the month.