Activision is a scaredy-cat, won't support Move or Kinect

Bad news for Activision fans that were hoping to use the Move or Kinect; the publisher is convinced that the high prices for the new peripherals are going to prevent people from adopting the new technology. So don’t expect to see Call of Duty or Guitar Hero using Move or Kinect any time soon.

Activision’s COO stated recently that while the company is interested in movement-based gameplay, they are reluctant to get too heavily into the Move and Kinect technology. The major concern? Price. Activision has expressed concerns about the price of the new peripherals, despite the fact that several of their licenses (like Tony Hawk and Rapala Fishing) are ideal for this type of controller. Will the Move and Kinect controllers take off and make Activision change their tune? Only time will tell.

[via Joystiq]