Zuckerberg hints at location features, admits he uses Spotify in the US

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Facebook has been wooing the UK developer and media community over the weekend and today in London. It’s hard to believe that three months ago the social network was being pilloried in the media for being perceived to have played some part a brutal murder.

But at the first official Facebook developer day to be held outside California, Mark Zuckerberg and his European team pulled off a flawless event at London’s vast Barbican Centre, throwing out a few hints about the future.

The most interesting was Zuckerberg’s hint that location based features were coming to the platform. To a packed audience he said: “We are finishing designing our application soon and hope to offer it soon.” Whether that means integrating location data from the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla was not elaborated on.

Zuckerberg also bigged-up streaming music service Spotify which recently became social, with the ability to import your Facebook social graph. He told the assembled crowd that “The new version of Spotify is really pretty amazing… I’m using it so much more.”

This is interesting since Spotify has not launched in US yet. He must therefore continue to be one of the 30,000 users we think Spotify already has in the US.

Zuckerberg was joined by Joanna Shields, who now leads the European business, Ethan Beard, platform director, and Christian Hernandez, who is charged with developing international partnerships. This was clearly a big push and the overall tone was one of a significant move to engage with developers outside the US.

Shields, the crack executive who steered Bebo towards a sale to AOL for $850 million and later jumped to Facebook also let slip a comment about the recent sale of Bebo for a paltry $2.5m. When asked what she thought about it, she said: “Today’s not about that, I’m just happy to be on the winning team. I did my job, very well.” She certainly did.

And there were some interesting other titbits dropped at the event.

• Today, 50% of the “Likes” appearing on Facebook are coming from European users and over 100m “Likes” have been generated on third-party sites since the feature was introduced.

• 70% of Facebook users come from outside the US, as well as “most” of the 1M platform developers. London is one of biggest cities for Facebook developers.

• Facebook now has over 26 million active users in the UK, 10m in Germany, 10m in Spain, 16m in Italy and 15m in France

* Zuckerberg met with the UK Prime Minister. The UK culture secretary Tweeted that he was a “Really smart guy with some good ideas” on improving “digital engagement in policy making.”

• Nike’s awesome “Write the Future” advert for the World Cup got over 5.6m playbacks in the first 24 hours on Facebook and added 6m new followers to their fanpage.

• Gaming continues to be big on Facebook with over 200m monthly players, each playing an average of four different games. Some 24 games have over 10m monthly users.

  • http://www.klamtech.com/en/2010/06/22/facebook-to-set-location-features-soon-enough/ Facebook to set location features soon enough

    […] [techcrunch] […]

  • casual observer

    New music industry business model: sue Zuck for $150,000 per infringement.

  • jennah

    It wouldn’t take long to see Facebook launching its own geobased location APP to compete with foursquare.

  • failbook

    Mark Zuckerberg – “They trust me, dumb fucks” – And people still hand over their pictures, phone numbers, bank cards, etc etc and now locations to a CEO like him? Damn, he is right, that’s 500 million “dumb fucks” out there.

  • http://bit.ly/a9DKEZ K. Smith

    Zuckerberg is starting to become very ambitious and cocky. I am starting to think that it is going to come back and bite him later on. He may be the god of social networking sites, but there are greater forces like the Copyright Act of 1976 that are inevitably going to bring this snotty little Harvard dropout to his knees.

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  • Tom

    Not that it matters, but even if you don’t count the plain ol’ Facebook Developer Garages as “official Facebook developer day” events, there was in London a “f8 Special Edition” in July 2008 and a “f8 Edition” in April 2010.



    • http://natts.com Dave Nattriss

      Yep, and a FOWA special in September 2009 (with Facebook staff in attendance), and we’ve had various Facebookers at our garage events throughout the last three years (though not as often as we’d like, obviously!). To be fair, the 2008 f8 edition of our garage was basically just livestreaming Zuc’s keynote and then a quick Skype video chat with a colleague, whereas our 2010 verson in April was a much bigger affair with UK staff in attendance and talking to the 300+ crowd after the keynote streaming.

  • http://marketing.comboapp.com ComboApp

    After I listened to Mark on the stage at D8, when he was asked hard questions by Walt Mossberg I do think it’s better to somebody else in the team to handle public relations or at least allow Mark to be in a role of Brin and Sergei in Google. As you can see on all big events where Google participate you hear Eric Schmidt and only from time to time either Brin or Page. It’s a wise decision to let

  • http://dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/06/22/morning-take-out-28/ Morning Take-Out - DealBook Blog - NYTimes.com

    […] Tremble, Foursquare: Zuckerberg says Facebook is looking at adding location services to its platform. […]

  • http://www.helixzone.net helix2301

    Facebook is becoming like a virus almost they are just building themselves into everything. I really think social networking is part of the problem why we have so much identity theft issues. Now if someone wants to rob your house they can check on facebook make sure your not home.

    • adam

      or you could choose to either not share that information, or choose who receives that information. i personally only let 10% of my friends see any of my information, including photo albums and status posts. they can still communicate with me through messages, and they have the same ability to hide information from me.

      • http://natts.com Dave Nattriss

        Curious as to why they are your ‘friends’ if you don’t trust them with your personal information? Perhaps you need to do a friends cull!

      • http://natts.com Dave Nattriss

        Regarding Facebook’s forthcoming location features, they were actually trying them out at the f8 event in San Francisco. I had a ticket but couldn’t make it because of the ash cloud, but those I know that were there all had special ID badges that they could swipe in when they went to each room/area at the event, and if they tied up the Facebook Presence app to their profile on the site, it would report their locations on their wall. Obviously Facebook won’t be issuing ID cards etc. to their 500 million active users, but the news feed reporting will be similar. Also, you may have noticed there are ‘community’ pages for lots of locations now (try updating your current location in your profile). Plans are well on the way, and I can’t see Facebook teaming up with FourSquare, Gowalla, Brightkite or any of the others – there’s no need for them to.

  • Josh

    my guess is Facebook will use Gowalla, since Gowalla is a founder’s fund backed company. And we all know how those guys like to build mafia style network.

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