Toshiba's dream: a chicken in every pot and WiFi in every SD card

If you have an Eye-Fi card, you’re probably aware of the convenience factor there. Cords are a pain, and everything else we have is wireless — why not our storage media? Of course, Eye-Fi addressed this long ago, but they’re still kind of a boutique brand despite their success. Toshiba wants to take what they started and make it the standard.

I have no problem with this, but I would say that there is also an increasing amount of wireless present in devices themselves. You’ve got wireless sync here, automatic uploads to YouTube and Flickr there, and all kinds of things in between. Is there really room for a card with a separate WiFi setup? Sure. For some reason or another, features are always left off certain models. In the interest of getting the price below a critical point or the size inside a critical measurement, optional things like wireless are often left out, and will continue to be for the present.

The spec Toshiba is collaborating on with Trek 2000 is far from finished (it’s just started, really) but the idea of SD-to-SD communication is exciting. A common interface between the most popular storage media will make for some interesting devices and applications. I can even picture a little device with only one purpose: to facilitate the sharing of data between two SD cards. I kind of look forward to it.

[via Electronista]