The sad tale of Nokia's sinking market cap, where I come over all nostalgic

Bloomberg today pumped out a chart that shows the erosion of Nokia’s market cap over the last 10 years. Moreso, it also shows how Apple has seemingly switched places with the Finnish phone maker.

10 years ago (back when screens were greyscale, ringtones were beepy, batteries lasted over a week, and I rocked a Nokia 8210), Nokia’s market cap was somewhere around a staggering $245 billion, which is — strangely enough — where Apple sits now.

It’s funny thinking back on those days. I chose a phone on looks alone, simply because there weren’t really any other differentiating features; they sent texts, they called people. What else could you possibly want?

The mobile sphere is obviously vastly different now, and I now do things on my phone that I couldn’t even do on my PC back then (hello, streaming video!). It’s cool to think about how much it’s changed, no?

What phone did you have in 2000? What made you choose it? Was there a phone that you lusted after, but could never have (I remember being blown away by the size of the Ericsson T28 when I first saw it, but could only dream of something so lofty — don’t ask me how I remember all these model numbers).

And here’s a good question: what phone made you realise the potential in the mobile space? My Nokia 6680 introduced me to mobile email, and, subsequently, mobile blogging (as in, blogging while out and about, not blogging about mobiles — that came later). I was very impressed by that, and it was quite cutting edge in 2005.

Mobile internet came next with my Nokia N95 (through WidSets), and then, two years later, I got my HTC Hero, and all was well with the world.

So, what’s your mobile tale? Tell me in the comments.

[via Into Mobile]