"My Phone Is Off For You" – how to show you care in this modern age

It’s not often that I get to leave my phone at home. More often than not, it’s an accident. However, when I do it on purpose, it’s a deliberate act of self-denial — I know, I’m so selfless! Seriously, though. I do fully disconnect myself when I know something or somebody requires my full attention, but how, oh how can I broadcast that fact to the world so they can adore me for it? …Aha!

My Phone Is Off For You is a project (described as nothing less than a revolution) that aims to make people more aware of this modern lapse in etiquette. I’m not sure how these little stickers and stamps are to be applied to the offender — perhaps the forehead? It seems like one of those projects where the statement is worth making but the actual products aren’t worth buying. I see that with a lot of concept items: great unless applied to real life.

I do like the little logo, though. I wouldn’t mind sticking those on a few telephone poles around my area. Stop checking your phone during dinner, fool!

[via NotCot]