iPhone 4 gets its first unboxing [Gallery] (Update: More pics!) (Update #2: And video!)

As handfuls of iPhone 4s begin to slip through the cracks and into the grabby hands of hungry phone fans everywhere, the first batches of unboxing pictures are starting to go live as we type this. (You mean these people aren’t waiting to open up their phones with the rest of us chumps on Thursday mornings? Jerks! You guys probably peeked at your Christmas presents as a kid, too. [Just kidding, of course — tear those things apart.])

We’re keeping an eye out for galleries as they go up; if you’re amongst the many hundreds of thousands waiting on the edge of the seat, join as after the jump for these last minute teases.

MacRumors forumgoer AppleMojo managed to snap off these pics through the excitement:

Update: More shots!

We’ll update with more shots as they spring up around the Internet. Get your iPhone early? Feel free to shoot me some shots at greg at crunchgear dot com.

Update #2: Big thanks to Youtube user littlbilly76 , who took a second to capture the whole thing on video. It’s not exactly Scorcese-level work, but hey: it’s video.

Update #3: More video (this time in focus!) thanks to Youtube user gizmosachin: