Go!Animate cartoons its way into Europe

Go!Animate, the free animation platform that lets anybody create cartoons, begins its European roll out today, starting with Spain.

The company currently boasts over 1 million animations created over the past two years, with 600,000 registered users. The number of available animations is growing day by day and users are not only creating animations in English (over 390,000 animations), but also in German (over 3,500 animations), French (over 4,400 animations) and Spanish (over 11,000 animations).

To mark the launch in Spain, Go!Animate is holding a local contest, “Animating for a cause”, inviting users to create original animations on the Go!Animate platform in support of their favorite participating NGO.

France and Germany are next on the agenda, with a total of 6 EU countries to be announced with local teams in each country. However, if they are to make a big splash in Europe, they’ll probably need to seal agreements with big-fish European players similar to those across the pond with CBS and The Cartoon network.