Hey, Sirius XM: Can you get your act together and fix your online stream? That would be neat.

Here’s a “shout out” to the fine people at Sirius XM. You pay for a service with the expectation that it, you know, occasionally works as advertised, right? Not Sirius XM, the company that’s fine with people overworking for years so long as they don’t ask for a marginal (in the grand scheme of Howard Stern and Oprah and MLB contracts) raise! How many times per week does the online stream die? I’m thinking at least three to five times.

How about this, Sirius XM: how about your fix your online stream (XM Radio Online, to be exact)? Why is it that I can stream entire World Cup games in real time at pretty damn impressive resolutions, but you guys can’t figure out how to keep a mere audio stream up and running?

It wouldn’t be so annoying if it weren’t for the fact that you’re charging a subscription for what amounts to very, very little content. If either Ron and Fez and/or Opie and Anthony were to leave I see no reason to maintain a subscription.

I can find “hit, new music” on the Internet just fine, thank you very much.

So, so annoying…

Honk if you hate it when the Sirius XM online stream dies!