France says that Google collected private passwords during Street View mapping

The question now becomes, how much trouble will Google get in for its wanton stealing of private data? You’ll recall that Google was caught collecting data from people’s open Wi-Fi access points, something the company just sorta brushed off. Google shrugged its shoulders and said, “meh, whatever, we didn’t do anything wrong here.” If only the various governments of the world saw it that way. France, fresh off its World Cup farce, says that Google’s Street View vehicles collected people’s passwords as they drove about—not cool, no.

France’s commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés, or CNIL, said that its first go-over of the data revealed all sorts of “data that are normally covered by… banking and medical privacy rules.” E-mail account passwords were among the various data found in the Google-provided logs.

Google said that its cars had “accidentally” collected the data as they were mapping out Street View, something that’s pretty laughable. How does one “accidentally” hop on board an open Wi-Fi access point and then log said data? Unless I’m missing something here…