Confirmed: Kinect Bundles and a New $199 Xbox

At a Microsoft internal marketing Q&A session, representatives proffer more details about the new slim Xbox. Announced last week at E3, the new slim design Xbox, comes with both WiFi and a 250 GB hard drive  all for $299. Right now Microsoft has reduced their price of the elite and arcade models to $249 and $149 respectively. As far as a new lower priced slim model similar to the arcade, Microsoft simply commented, “We will offer a $199 Xbox 360 this fall.”

Also mentioned are the new Kinect bundles. If you can wait for the new Xbox to come bundled with Kinect, you will save $50 off the standalone price of $150 for Kinect. Expect a Kinect bundle with the 250 GB Xbox to go for $399, and of course when that “arcade” model gets announced, look to spend $299 to see it bundled with Kinect.