AppMakr now supports GeoRSS tagging

AppMakr is a service that allows you to make simple, Internet-fed apps for the iPhone, Touch, or iPad. Historically, AppMakr has been called a glorified RSS reader but, with the addition of push notifications, a native image viewer, and GeoRSS support, they’re trying to shake that image.

GeoRSS is the latest addition to the product and allows content providers to stick a little XML code into their feed to mark posts with GPS coordinates. You can then use the iOS’s native map-handling to view these posts on Google Maps or within the app itself.

We wrote about AppMakr when they first launched and many found that their apps were rejected for what amounted to over-simplicity. By adding a few new features, the folks at AppMakr hope to make it easier for developers to submit their apps and get them accepted immediately.

AppMakr has also added the App Quality Index, which ensures that apps have a minimum of functionality before they’re submitted. Jeremy Caverly, an AppMakr spokesperson, told us that “We’re seeing a lot of success since we’ve started having people publish under their own license as the default. Lots of people are getting their apps accepted immediately and that has a lot to do with the added functionality.”

The current pricing scheme at AppMakr is $999 for a full-service, authored app and, for a limited, free for developers who want to handle the submission process themselves.