Take control of your Xbox 360 with the X-Link remote

If you’re like me, you use your Xbox 360 to watch Netflix and other movies. It’s relatively painless, but the controller doesn’t exactly make the best remote for watching tv. Enter the X-Link, a universal remote control designed to work with the Xbox 360, as well as hundreds of other devices (since it is a universal remote control after all).

The X-Link uses your typical IR style control, for both the Xbox and any other device you happen to program into it. X-Link is designed as a learning remote, with dedicated buttons for Y, X, A, B, as well as Start, Back, and and other controls for the DVD and other features. The X-Link supports over 400 brands of televisions, 200 Satellite receivers, 100 cable receivers, 50 DVR’s, and 200 home theater surround sound systems.

The X-Link is available now from most retail outlets, for an MSRP of $29.95.