AdTaily signs up Q&A community BlurtIt for its self-serve ad widget

It’s good to see two European startups cozy up together. AdTaily, the self service advertising platform, has signed up BlurtIt as a customer, giving potential advertisers access to the Q&A community’s 12 million monthly visitors.

Of course, BlurtIt’s content is of the user-generated kind (UGC), which brands can sometimes be shy of, although AdTaily claims that its self-service system – where visitors can, with one click, become advertisers – helps to overcome this challenge. Other UGC AdTaily use-cases include Hopzone‘s forum for gamers, as well as powering ads on the blogging platform and forum of publisher Agora, a seed investor in AdTaily.

Under AdTaily’s freemium advertising model, BlurtIt will get to keep 100% of ad revenue generated directly through the self-service widget. Long term, though, AdTaily is betting on selling additional ads on publishers’ behalves, in which case the startup will take a commission, therefore acting more like a traditional ad network.

AdTaily’s service has been available to publishers in Poland since August 2009 and saw its international roll out in April this year, along with new features like automated price estimation/recommendation via Google Analytics integration, multiple discounts and in-widget ad design. Brands using AdTaily include Canon, Ford, and Nestle, although its self-service widget in particular targets smaller advertisers.

BlurtIt is a Question and Answer community where users post thousands of questions each day, creating a “databases of facts, information and opinions”. A property of Mindcom (also the developer of QHub, a platform that enables anyone to launch their own Q&A site/community), it’s entirely bootstrapped and already claims to be profitable.

To mark the start of its partnership with AdTaily, BlurtIt is running a 70% reduced price promotion on ads for a limited period of time, allowing advertisers to reach 400,000 daily visitors for as low as $37.