Zoom announces R24 home studio in a box

So you’re always wanted to produce records, but lacked the money to either hire a studio or build one your self. Not a problem any more, Zoom has launched the R24, which is an interface, controller, and sampler, all in one.

The R24 lets you fulfill all of your home studio dreams, with it’s included sampler/drum machine, 8 track recording, and something called “6 channels of phantom power” to the popular R16. I’m not sure what 6 channels of phantom power does for you, but it certainly sounds ghostly. The R24 does allow for digital multi-track recording with a 24-track playback option and 8-track simultaneous recording, which should let you sample Rolling Stones tracks into your Bittersweet Symphony until the lawyers catch on. The R24’s drum machine includes up to 400 rhythm patterns, letting you create backing beats without the emo problems a real drummer inevitably brings to a band.

The Zoom R24 will be available this coming July 7th for an as yet undisclosed price. And all kidding aside, it’s an amazing piece of technology, for the full details make sure to visit the R24 website where they explain far better then I can how it works.