Yammer 3.0 For iPhone: Now With 100% Fewer Crashes

At the risk of pissing off our new office neighbors, I have a confession to make: I loathed the Yammer iPhone app. Don’t get me wrong, I love Yammer, and find it absolutely vital to our work. But the app was easily the least stable of the dozens of apps I have  on my iPhone. It was so bad, in fact, that I’ve been accessing Yammer through mobile Safari in recent weeks. But that’s why I’m happy to announce that today, with the launch of the latest version of the app, 3.0, my nightmare is over.

As they note in the App Store description, Yammer 3.0 for iPhone is a complete re-write of the app. It promises to fix “many crashes,” load “much faster,” and even work on the upcoming iPhone 4. A quick run through confirms all of those things. The app’s UI has also been overhauled and is much more pleasing to look at now (and is actually simplified). This looks to be an all-around win.

It also brings several smaller features such as: autocomplete for @replies in the app, full landscape support, and the ability to mail and call contacts right from within the app. This thing just made my job much easier. Nice job Yammer, you’ve earned your way back on to my main screen of apps.

You can find the new Yammer app here. It’s a free download.

Update: Fine, I’ll change the title to “fewer”.