The HTC Desire is coming to US carriers in August, but probably not in the way you want

Oh man! The week is nearly halfway over, and we haven’t had a single edition of Good News/Bad News yet — its been pretty much all good news, all week. What is this, day care? We can’t have you guys getting too optimistic. So, as it goes..

The Good News: The Desire (HTC’s slightly cooler, slightly sleeker version of Google’s Nexus One) is coming to carriers in the US.

The Bad News: It’s probably not going to any of the carriers you could name off the top of your head.

HTC just sent us a note to let us know that the “HTC Desire will be coming to the US via select regional operators beginning this August“.

HTC Desire! Great. US! Great! August! Great. “select regional operators”? Not so great. They’re not announcing exactly which carriers will be getting the device, but the use of the word “regional” there almost certainly nixes the big’uns (like T-Mobile or AT&T) from the picture.

Now, don’t get me wrong: We’ll always root for the little guy, so we’re excited for any regional carrier who gets to call the Desire their own. Lets just hope the Desire doesn’t wind up stuck in some tiny nook in East Texas or something.