Make them sell these TRON-themed controllers or I'll hold my breath until I die

Now, I don’t want to pretend I’m the biggest TRON fan ever. I know that guy, and I’m not jealous. But even if I’d never heard of TRON or TR2N, I’d be leaving dirty finger-marks all over these display-cases just like everybody else. Because these are some sexy-ass controllers.

Look at ’em! They’re black! They have lit-up piping all over them! They will increase your frag count by 20% just by increasing how cool you feel!

Unfortunately, these are just for show. They’re not being made for people like us to buy. But like the Canon L Mug, perhaps if we all cry out for it together, the TRON people will get a clue and sell these things for a huge markup. I’d buy all three just to look at fondly.

Check out the full-size shots in this gallery of these sweet pieces of kit, and feast your eyes on the props from the movie as well, which actually benefited from the terrible lighting:

Update: they’re going to be for sale! Woo!