Jolicloud 1.0 will support some touch displays out of the box

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Joilcloud, is a Linux-based operating system for small devices (e.g. netbooks and touchscreens). The new version 1.0 now supports a long list of touchscreen devices right out of the box. Check out the video of it in action showing off the new HTML 5 interface. Looks pretty cool.

Here is a list of supported touchscreen technologies:

  • ADS7846/TSC2046 and ADS7843 based touchscreens
  • AD7877 based touchscreens
  • AD7879 based touchscreens: AD7879-1 I2C Interface
  • AD7879 based touchscreens: AD7879 SPI Interface
  • Compaq iPAQ H3600 (Bitsy) touchscreen
  • SharpSL (Corgi and Spitz series) touchscreen driver
  • Touchscreen support for Dialog Semiconductor DA9034
  • EETI touchscreen panel support
  • Fujitsu serial touchscreen
  • Gunze AHL-51S touchscreen
  • Elo serial touchscreens
  • Wacom W8001 penabled serial touchscreen
  • MELFAS MCS-5000 touchscreen
  • MicroTouch serial touchscreens
  • iNexio serial touchscreens
  • ICS MicroClock MK712 touchscreen
  • HP Jornada 6xx touchscreen
  • HP Jornada 7xx touchscreen
  • HTC Shift X9500 touchscreen
  • Penmount serial touchscreen
  • Renesas MIGO-R touchscreen
  • Touchright serial touchscreen
  • Touchwin serial touchscreen
  • Atmel Touchscreen Interface
  • Philips UCB1400 touchscreen
  • Support for WM97xx AC97 touchscreen controllers
  • WM9705 Touchscreen interface support
  • WM9712 Touchscreen interface support
  • WM9713 Touchscreen interface support
  • WM97xx Atmel accelerated touch
  • WM97xx Mainstone/Palm accelerated touch
  • Zylonite accelerated touch
  • USB Touchscreen Driver
    • eGalax Touchkit USB (also includes eTurboTouch CT-410/510/700)
    • PanJit TouchSet USB
    • 3M MicroTouch USB (EX II series)
    • ITM
    • Some other eTurboTouch
    • Gunze AHL61
    • DMC TSC-10/25
    • IdealTEK URTC1000
    • GoTop Super_Q2/GogoPen/PenPower tablets
    • JASTEC USB Touch Controller/DigiTech DTR-02U
  • Sahara TouchIT-213 touchscreen
  • TSC2007 based touchscreens
  • W90P910 touchscreen driver
  • Motorola PCAP touchscreen
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