Still Really Want An iPhone 4? Find $5,000, Head To eBay

As you may have heard, Apple completely blew through its pre-order launch day iPhone 4s in less than a day (and that was despite major technical issues with the ordering process). It has now blown through the second wave (due in early July) as well. The current shipping estimate if you order right now is July 14. Ugh. But if you absolutely want one at or around launch day, the Internet, as always, provides an option.

Scanning eBay right now, there are roughly 400 iPhone 4s for sale (between the 16 GB and 32 GB models). Sure, the device isn’t out yet, but people are willing to part with the device as soon as they get it on June 24. The question is: how much do you have to pay to get them to part with it? Currently, the cheapest ones are going for $550 — and that’s the $199 16 GB model. The cheapest 32 GB model? $799 — a full $500 over the $299 retail price.

Both of those are bargains compared to what some people are selling them for. Want the iPhone 4 hand delivered to you by June 27? That will cost you $5,000. Yes, $5,000 for one iPhone. At least 50 other people are offering to sell theirs for $1,000 or more.

And this is just two days after the initial pre-sale. As the expected ship date continues to get pushed back, these prices are going to get much more ugly. By the time launch day hits and people have them in their hands, don’t be surprised if many of these new iPhones sell for thousands of dollars.