iPhone 4 Already Sold Out? FML

Well this comes as a surprise. After fighting all day to order the new iPhone, I gave up, and decided to wait until tomorrow. That is, until I read that the entire pre-order allocation was already sold out. How was anyone able to buy the phone much less buy up every single one?

Either the supply was low due to the manufacturing of the retina display or the machining process of the stainless steel frame, or Apple sold a crap load of phones. Most likely the latter.

If you’re like me, you just got owned by Apple and AT&T. Apple for not having enough supply and AT&T for not allowing my order to go through earlier. Now the wait is until July 2nd and I cannot wait that long. I guess I will have to stand in line at Walmart or try to get an order in at Best Buy as soon as possible. I guess its not that bad..I wanted white anyways.