Fart Battles for iPhone. It's what's inside that counts!

There’s not much to say about this new iPhone app created by Popkiller Games that isn’t covered in their youtube promotional video (see below). The bottom (ooof) line is that you need this app because, well, you fart!

The app measures and categorizes a plethora of data on each fart and stores audio samples in your very own fart library. Save the best ones and attack your friends with them, clandestinely via shortened links. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it looks FARTASTIC!

From the press release:

Fart Battles (http://www.fartbattles.com) is the world’s most accurate mobile fart-measurement device, complete with multiplayer battle mode and “Fart-Rolling,” a feature that allows users to prank their friends by sending them an email of a fart in disguise.

Fart Battles is the first fart measurement application to test for length, volume, bass, range, key, and more. Users can store their masterpieces in the playback library and then challenge friends to a battle by sending them an attack across the user network.

“When we started this project, we knew one thing: the world desperately needed a better way to measure farts,” said Tucker Aaron, CEO of Popkiller Games. “What we didn’t know was that so many good farts were senselessly wasted each day. Fart Battles has finally solved this issue by enabling flatulence enthusiasts to record their creations and challenge friends.”

Let’s recap:

Fart Battles is the first app ever to let players:
· Record their farts
· Rate their power
· Attack their friends
· Win Battles
· Send Fart-Rolls (like “Rick-rolling” but better)

If nothing else, it’s a pretty funny sales video.  More info at http://fartbattles.com/

iTunes link is here