Authentic Moleskine Notebook for the Kindle, it’s so edgy

The sense of style for a Mission District hipster can often times be too edgy for the “culturally sheltered mainstream consumer”. As a hipster you will undoubtedly rock a Moleskine notebook in the city, because let’s face it, you’ve got something intelligent to write. Let us take that one step further, and throw a Kindle inside the cover. Can you feel that edginess? It’s an analog-digital hybrid – man that’s so edgy.

Made for both the small 6-inch Kindle and the larger Kindle DX, the Moleskin Kindle cover has four elastic bands on it’s corners that offers a secure way to protect your favorite e-reader and house the notes you’ve taken on Shakespeare. That’s quite the dichotomy. No word on an iPad case yet, but I’m sure that it’s the works.

Available now for $39.99 at Amazon.

[via Gizmodo]