Playstation Move: September 19, $50 for main controller

At Sony’s press conference here at E3, the Playstation Move controller has finally been priced and dated: the wand/ice cream cone/lollipop will cost $50. The “Navigation controller,” which everyone will probably call a Nunchuk anyway, will cost $30. US release is September 19, Europe September 15, and Japan October 21.

There will be bundles, of course: if you have a PS3 but nothing else, you can get a controller, Eye camera, and Sports Champion for $100, and if you’re totally without Playstation hardware, you can get all that plus a PS3 for $400.

Pricing seems competitive with the Wii, as the Wiimote has been ~$40 for a while, and the whole Natal Kinect package is $150. They’ll face the same criticism the Wii did (you have to buy so much!) but people will probably shell out for at least two main controllers and one nunchuk. I’ll put a bunch of launch games in this post in a moment.