Nintendo and Activision bring back Goldeneye~!

Part of me is stoked that GoldenEye is coming back. But then the graphics look like they are ran off of the original N64 graphic engine. So yeah, it’s the classic argument between gameplay and eye candy although I could have swore that it was 2010 and that discussion was somewhat moot.

Although I can’t hate too much. Like many of you, I grew up with four-person GoldenEye parties that ran late into the night. This game will sell just because it’s GoldenEye and nothing else. Hell, Activision could out just a GoldenEye empty box and sell millions of them to gamers like me. Hopefully new, modern features will accompany the retro 4-person mulitplayer: internet & LAN mutliplayer, customizable player models, and DLCs. But in the end it’s GoldenEye and that’s all that matters. I *heart* GoldenEye and will buy GoldenEye 007 the day it comes out.